Guiding You Through Major Changes to Mortgage Lending and Closings

Changes to the way the mortgage lending industry functions are still trickling down from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.  After the 2008 financial meltdown, Congress formed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to establish and enforce consumer friendly lending practices. One of the first things they did was to change the forms that consumers receive in the lending and closing process to make them easier to understand, and to hold lenders to a higher standard of compliance with disclosing all costs to mortgage borrowers.

So What Exactly Has Changed?

Four forms have been combined into two.

The goal of these forms is to educate borrowers on every aspect of the transaction, and to make the forms you see at the time of mortgage application mirror the forms you see at closing so it is easy to compare what you expected with what you are getting.

How Does This Effect Me?


Strict compliance with notification deadlines is required, so we are seeing extended closing times while the industry is adjusting to new requirements.  Lenders are required to provide your Closing Disclosure three business days before your scheduled closing. These changes went into effect in October, and Lenders, and Title Companies have been preparing for this change for months. It’s more important than ever to use a knowledgeable real estate professional to help guide you through these changes, and the unintended consequences of these new and very different procedures.  We have educated ourselves about these changes so that we can be of the very best support for our clients, including connecting you to lenders and title professionals that are also informed!

Here are links to interactive sample forms of the new disclosure documents:

The Most Efficient Home Energy Saving Features

Recently, we were fortunate to have Peter Pfeiffer from Barley Pfeiffer Architects in the Stanberry and Associates Westlake office at one of our ongoing education meetings. He gave a very informative presentation on some of the most efficient and pragmatic improvements you can make to your home for energy efficiency. He shared that there are often very expensive and fancy solutions for energy efficiency that can be accomplished by much more simple and practical solutions. He would prefer to guide his clients towards a high performance home than having them focus on inefficient “green” features and Eco-Bling. So here are a few of the points from his presentation.

Shade Trees, Awnings and Overhangs may Save more energy than Solar Panels can generate

Preventing radiant heat from entering your home is actually a better first step solution than generating energy at your home’s location, which you then use to reduce the total temperature of your home. It is better in terms of the cost efficiency and return on investment. Adding overhangs or awnings over windows that would let radiating energy into your home is very affordable. Adding solar panels is often a major investment. Solar panels are still a good idea, but would be a much better idea on a home that already has the overhangs and awnings that keep it cool year round.  “The cleanest energy is the energy you never use”.

Most Attics Have Heat Vents, But a Radiant Barrier and an Unvented Attic is Better for Texas

Most homes in Austin Texas have heat vents in the roof. The common thought is that letting out heat from the attic keeps your home cool. However, it may be much better to not let heat into the home in the first place. Some homes are setting up their attics to have as tight of a seal as possible to keep heat out. Another technique that is very effective for keeping a home cool and energy efficient is a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is a layer under your roof which reflects heat away from your home away from your home altogether. Combining a radiant barrier with a well sealed attic will help to regulate temperature changes to your home. That will keep your energy bills low since you are regulating heat by passively reflecting it away from the home, instead of venting it out or piping in cooler air.

Insulated Water Heaters are Better than Tankless Water Heaters

While tankless water heaters are in vogue right now, there is a better solution. Essentially, insulation has improved enough that the old style of water heaters with a tank, built with more insulation, take much less energy to run than they used to. Engineering can add a lot to a hot water system in a home too. For example, a truly efficient home can now be built with a button that you press when you want hot water. Rather than leaving on a faucet until hot water comes out, a press of the hot water button, waiting for twenty seconds and then turning on the water gets you the hot water you wanted.

Meanwhile, complicated maintenance on the tankless water heaters leads to decreased year over year performance. Statistics show that most people don’t properly maintain their water heater regardless of which type it is. So you might as well get the type that performs better over the multi-year life span and responds better to sub-optimal maintenance.



Peter L. Pfeiffer, –  Architect and Interior Designer, Pfeiffer is professionally licensed in Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Oregon, as well as with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. He holds a Masters in Architecture degree, with an emphasis in resource efficient design and energy studies from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science degree in the Building Sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Pfeiffer is a LEED accredited professional who has spent more than 30 years designing and developing pragmatic high performance buildings and homes.

Preventing and Identifying Oak Wilt

Now that the weather is cooling off and beautiful weekends become commonplace many of you will be looking to complete some yard work. Before diving in though you should be aware of Oak Wilt and the problems that it can lead to for you and your neighbors trees.  Oak Wilt is caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum and is a destructive disease affecting live oaks and red oaks in Central Texas.  This fungus can spread tree to tree through roots or by beetles moving spores between trees.  Your trees will become vulnerable to infection whenever your oaks have new, open wounds like when you are pruning off unsightly branches.

How Can I Tell If I Have Oak Trees?

In Central Texas our oak trees are predominately live oaks and red oaks.  A live oak is an evergreen tree (hence “live”) while a red oak is deciduous and will lose it’s leaves and change color in the fall and winter.  Oak leaves have a “lobe and sinus” pattern that makes them very easy to identify.  The lobes are typically pointed with a rounded sinus connecting the leaves to one another.
It can be easy to mistake Red Oak leaves for Maple leaves, the main difference is when they will begin to change color and drop their leaves. Maples will show their colors earlier in the season and will have mostly fallen by the time Red Oaks begin this process.

How can I prevent Oak Wilt?

Fortunately, you can help prevent the spread of this destructive disease with just a little bit of extra caution.
  • Always paint fresh wounds on oaks, including pruning cuts and stumps, with wound dressing (like this) or latex paint immediately after pruning or live tree removal at all times of the year.
  • Clean all pruning tools with 10% bleach solution or Lysol™ between sites and/or trees.
  • If possible avoid pruning or wounding of oaks during the spring (currently defined as February 1 through June 30)

You may read on gardening or tree care sites about wound paints or sealers being toxic to trees or a bad, old school idea, but oak trees in Central Texas where oak wilt is prevalent are a clear exception to that assertion.

Regardless of the reasons or time of year, proper pruning techniques should be used. These techniques include making proper pruning cuts and avoiding injurious practices such as topping or excessive crown thinning. If you are uncertain about any of this information, you should consult with a Texas Oak Wilt Certified arborist, ISA Certified Arborist, or an oak wilt specialist from a city, county or state government agency such as the Texas A&M Forest Service or Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more or need to find an expert to help with a potential problem visit
If you suspect that your trees may be suffering from oak wilt visit this website to walk you through identification of the disease and steps to treat it.

Selling Your Home in Autumn: Challenge Meets Opportunity!

Texans have a robust appreciation for the cooler temperatures that come at the end of summer and beginning of fall!  Unfortunately, as the temperatures cool, our seasonal slowdowns mean the buyer market is cooling as well.  Therein lies the challenge if you are thinking about selling your home!

However, just because there is a challenge doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t sell your home in the fall. Every challenge is also an opportunity, and you should make the most of the advantages of selling in Autumn! The good news is plentiful.  Sellers of competing properties often pull their homes off the market because of guests or travel over the holidays, or because they need a break after having the home on the market over the summer.  This reduces the direct competition for buyers and can make a nice listing in the fall stand out.

If you have your home decorated seasonally, it is an emotional pull to buyers. Buyers of residential real estate are usually looking for a home, not just a house.  They make decisions in part based on the feeling they get for how they or their family would live in the home.  Your home during the holidays will be warm and endearing while stylishly decorated for the season.

Another advantage you can leverage is the fact that most buyers who are looking for a home in the fourth quarter of the year are serious buyers.  A large percentage of homebuyers try to move during the summer while their kids are out of school.  That’s part of the reason for the seasonal slowdown.  Buyers who are looking during Autumn and through the holiday season usually have a compelling reason to move, so they are motivated buyers. Getting your home in front of that pool of motivated buyers is a great reason to keep or put a home on the market in Autumn.

If you really want to get your home sold, remember that all the basics still apply.  Take your Realtor’s advice on decluttering and depersonalizing so buyers can see themselves in the home, and do those basic and inexpensive repairs that make the home look like it has been lovingly maintained.  Realtors also often recommend small changes and improvements to your home which bring a greater return at the sale than they cost to implement. Those are still a great idea in the last quarter.  Think about the first impression your home makes from the moment a potential buyer drives up.  Yes, that’s called curb appeal!  And, by all means, listen to your real estate professional’s advice regarding pricing.  A good Realtor will give you a market analysis of value based on recent sales, current properties that are under contract but not yet closed, and your competing properties currently on the market; so that you can make a smart decision about how to price your home to sell in your preferred time frame.

Expert real estate advice, combined with your motivation, can make Autumn a perfect time to put your home on the market!

New Real Estate Realities In The Wake of Flooding

The record rainfall over Halloween weekend and the ensuing floods have generated consequences both obvious and less so.  If you are an owner of real property, or you are looking to purchase or sell, here are some thoughts about the ways this violent weather may affect your situation.



Let’s start with a positive!  Owners of lake or lake view properties will see favorable effects, like enjoyment of lake living, and increases in value of their houses.  This is a welcome improvement  after many years of drought hammering their property values.  Having the lake full again is a major plus!


For property owners who were hit the worst, all available recovery contractors and entities are on the scene.  People involved in clearing water, mud, and construction debris are there with trucks and heavy equipment.  Insurance adjusters are making assessments.  Plumbers, roofers, electricians, builders and renovation specialists are busy on those jobs.  Temporary workers are coming in from other locations to address these urgent needs.  This absorption of  professional resources may show up as delays and backlogs for less urgent, business as usual situations.

We are seeing homes that are currently under contract addressing issues that didn’t exist at the time of contract, like fallen trees, damaged roofs, fencing, and landscaping, or waterlogged septic systems.  These are costs that are being negotiated, and closings are being delayed as repair professionals are overloaded with work.

Unexpected Expense

Builders with homes and commercial properties under construction are experiencing delays and incurring increased carrying costs, as well as losses from lumber and other construction materials on sites that become rain damaged. It would be no surprise to see some of those costs passed on to buyers as price increases.  We still have more buyers looking than we have resale homes available, so the demand is high for new homes.  The market will tolerate builders being able to recuperate some of those losses through price increases.

New Players

There will be an influx of builders and construction companies, looking to fill a void created by the demand on our local, established companies.  Be cautious, and do your research if you find yourself in this situation.  We keep lists of reputable companies for all types of services related to real estate, and would be happy to share that with you. There will also be investors with cash, looking to turn a quick profit on hardship sales.

Temporary Housing

There will be demand for rentals properties in areas where little exists currently.  Homeowners whose homes are not livable need temporary housing, typically nearby.  FEMA will bring in some trailers for the worst hit homeowners. Still, service people will need places to live while they are working here temporarily to assist recovery efforts, and they may have to drive long distances because the supply is probably not readily available nearby.

Longer Term Considerations

After the terrible fires in Bastrop, many people left and did not rebuild.  Many were granted tax abatements that helped them in time of need, but left municipal coffers low on funds to handle infrastructure repairs like roads and bridges.  These changes in the stability of the area made it harder for many to sell property, and the supply was high and the demand reduced.  There are many things that we will sort out as we go forward, and some of them will include how flood insurance, or lack of it, will effect property owners in Hays and Travis County.  Flood plain boundaries change periodically, and it is entirely possible that some owners may not be able to rebuild in their current locations.

If you live in an area that was directly affected by flooding, and have real estate questions specific to your situation, please let us give you information to help you with any decisions you need to make.  We deal with these issues daily and can be an invaluable resource.


Caliterra Dripping Springs Update

September 2, 2015

A lot of progress has been made in these drier months at Caliterra in Dripping Springs, Texas. Wildflowers grow when it’s wet. Homes pop up out of the ground when it’s dry. The first home in Caliterra will be a model home and should be completed in a month or so. Several other homes are well under way in the first phase of this forward thinking community. Drees homes has released pricing, please read below.


Click to enlarge



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Today I met with the developer of Caliterra which is Dripping Spring’s most highly anticipated new community. Soon it will be a year since Caliterra broke ground on site development. Crews have been working to build the infrastructure to service this new community. Caliterra will be serviced by city water and waste water and natural gas. To preserve the beauty of the land, electric service will be run underground. The phase 1 roads are now paved in section 1 and section 2.  Lots will be available to builders within the week or so, weather permitting. Home builders include Drees Homes, Brookfield Residential Builders and Scott Felder Homes. Custom builders include Marvin Sommerfeld. Preliminary indications are that and McDowell Construction and Sterling Builders will also come on as custom builders. Custom home lots are expected to be ready in June. The Welcome Center is scheduled to be completed in December of 2015.

Caliterra consists of 600 acres. 250 acres will be preserved for open space. There will be a total of 585 homes built when all phases are completed over the next 5 to 6 years. The concept of a community will run throughout. Caliterra will include amenities such as a Barn Hall and gardens for events, bluff overlooks, a tree house park, fishing pier, community orchids and gardens. Caliterra will also have a community clubhouse and swimming pool.

Contact me today to see if you qualify for discount on a new home in Caliterra only available by purchasing through me. Drop me a note:

Abrantes Update – Model Open!

The Stanberry and Associates Cedar Park Agents were lucky enough to get a very early look at the grounds and the new model in Abrantes, the newest spot for Luxury homes in Cedar Park. We have some pictures of the model and some information for you. First off, you should know how to get to Abrantes. It is nestled between 1431 or Whitestone Blvd and North Vista Ridge blvd, but at the moment the access is from the north at Arrow Point Drive.

How to get to Abrantes in Cedar park

Entrance to Abrantes in Cedar Park and the forthcoming cut through

Abrantes Community Highlights

  • Gated community – The gate wasn’t up on our initial tour on 10/8/2015 but the gates will keep the community from becoming a shortcut for traffic trying to get around the 1431/Vista Ridge intersection.
  • Premium Green area backed properties – For those who come in early there are lots backed by fields and trees so that even though Abrantes is very centrally located, your neighbors will be very hard to see.
Greenspace behind homes at Abrantes

The Grand Haven homes in Abrantes have multiple porches for outdoor living

Energy Efficiency – One of the best ways to make a luxurious home affordable is to build in the largest amount of energy saving features. Vaulted ceilings and giant windows in old homes used a lot of energy, but when a new home is made with the best techniques and materials there is no drawback to those 8 foot doorways and bay windows.

Outdoor Grilling Station at Abrantes

Check out the Outdoor Grilling Station at the Abrantes Model

Community Presentation – Abrantes is building itself up with a theme of upscale stone, stucco brick, lavish landscaping and using a system of fields trails and greenspace around the development to preserve a pocket of peaceful nature. Large properties spaced with large setbacks cater to the peaceful community feel and create a desireable feel throughout the community.

The attractive Masonry on the Abrantes Model

The attractive Masonry on the Abrantes Model

Large Properties – These are hard to find in Cedar Park and even harder to find new! The ten foot setbacks and the dedication to greenspace around the development means that you aren’t just getting a large home, you are getting a large home that feels somewhat private and spacious.

Outdoor Living in Abrantes

Laura Nye enjoying the outdoor living features right in the heart of Cedar Park

Location, Location, Location – There just aren’t that many places for new homes in Cedar Park. The relevant competitors to Abrantes are mostly clustered in Leander, Georgetown and Round Rock.

Stanberry Meeting at Abrantes

The Stanberry Realtors stopping in to meet the builders, see the model home and learn about Abrantes.

Enhanced Setbacks between homes – Many new subdivisions are being built with homes very close together. In Abrantes they are guaranteeing a minimum of a 10′ setback. The masonry and Stucco siding on the homes also lends them a nice look which helps the subdivision seem less claustrophobic than some new developments.

Upstairs Gameroom at Abrantes

Upstairs Gameroom at Abrantes – Grand Haven Homes is great at customizing these in the pre-sell window if you would prefer a media center or computer room.

Luxury Homes from 450s – 600s Cottages Also Availablein 300s

While the luxury homes are an amazing opportunity, right next to them Grand Haven is also offering a second group of smaller homes right next door at a smaller price point. While many of the location features and amenities will be exactly the same, knowing that there are more price and size options might make you more interested in taking a trip to Abrantes. Let your favorite Stanberry Realtor know if you’d like to go for a tour!

Farm and Ranch Tax Exemptions

We have a lot of land under agricultural use in Central Texas.  People often ask us about how tax exemptions work, and the answer may be surprising.  Most of the “tax relief”  processes in place are not exemptions at all, but rather an adjustment to the way the land is valued for tax purposes.  The effect is the same, it lowers the property owners tax bill, but the way to get there is very specific. The Texas constitution permits certain kinds of agricultural land to be appraised for tax purposes at a productivity value, rather than a market value. This special appraisal value is based solely on the land’s capacity to produce agricultural products.

How is the Farm & Ranch exemption calculated?

Agricultural valuation on a property requires that the land is used for a qualifying agricultural use, and there are a number of things that fill that bill, but it is determined at the county level.  If you plan on running cattle on your property, for example, the number of cows per acre that would allow you to qualify for an adjusted valuation would be determined by going to your local tax assessor (we’ll share some links below) to see how many “animal units” are required in your area.  If your land is grassy, you’ll be able to qualify with fewer acres per animal unit, and if it’s rocky and arid, or full of cedar, you’ll need more land per animal.

What types of Animals can Qualify?

It’s surprising how many types of animals qualify; cattle, goats, sheep, horses; even bees!  The goal is to ease the tax burden for properties that are legitimately generating agricultural products for the marketplace, and not for personal use.  There are valuation processes in place for vineyards, orchards, hay pastures, and other genuine agricultural uses, and all have the pass an “intensity of use” standard, which is determined by field appraisals and other methods at the county level.

Why should I find out my lands status?

Property that qualifies for agricultural appraisal will have a substantial reduction in taxes, based on the difference in the special agricultural appraisal and the market value of the property.  Property taxes are deferred until a change in use of the property occurs or, sometimes, when the ownership changes. At the time of use or ownership change, taxes are recaptured for up to five previous years, based on the difference in what was paid based on the agricultural appraisal, and what would have been paid based on the market value of the property. This is something to be very alert to if you are buying land that has been held under an agricultural exemption and you do not intend to continue that use.

More information available at:

Travis County-

Hays County-

Bastrop County-

Williamson County-

Historic Waggoner Ranch for Sale in Texas

Located 13 miles south of Vernon, Texas, the Waggoner Ranch recently came up for sale for $750 Million.  Established in 1849 by Dan Waggoner the ranch as we know it today was the result of his son W. T. Tom Waggoner expanding his ranching interests.  The Ranch consists of approximately 535,000 acres spanning 6 counties making it the largest ranch under one fence making it the largest ranch in Texas.  The Waggoner estate has managed the ranch since it was founded primarily focusing on ranching, oil and approximately 26,000 acres in cultivation.


88,89,90,93 and 00 represent the years that Waggoner was awarded “Top Ranch” in Texas.

This ranch still has a flavor of the wild west with 30 cowboys and 120 other employees on the property.  This large workforce takes care of the estates 14,000 cows and bulls as well as 500 horses.




one of the over 1,100 oil producing wells on the ranch

If you want to learn more about this historic ranch check out this Bloomberg Business article featuring an interview with the brokers who are working to find a buyer.

If $725 Million isn’t in your budget you may be interested in some of these smaller ranches.

Gallery List Map
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$ 30,000,000
00000011 Selma Hughes | Austin, TX 78732
Jackson J
MLS® # Property Type Square Ft
4187932 Ranch 1,000 SF
115 acre ranch on the shores of beautiful Lake Austin with over 1850 ft of waterfront.This property is one of the last available large parcels of land on this pristine lake and features gently sloping terrain with pecan and oaks trees covering the acreage. You will have protected views from this in town Ranch because of the location across from Balcones Canyon Land Preserve. Award wining schools with convenient stores and restaurants are minutes away. Truly a special place.
$ 27,000,000
1000 F M Road 1431 | Leander, TX 78641
Brandon W M
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
5849682 Ranch 6 5/1 5,056 SF
One of a kind family owned ranch that has been graciously stewarded by the family for over a century. Totaling 2,282 pristine acres, majority of the property is insulated by U.S. Wildlife Refuge, "Feels more like 20,000+ acres." Views are at above 1200ft elevation and offer unobstructed vistas of huge canyons and natural Hill Country.
$ 25,000,000
903 Crystal Mountain DR | Austin, TX 78733
Crystal Mountain At Barton Creek Sec 02
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
6936956 House 4 5/1 6,588 SF
EXTREMELY RARE & BEAUTIFUL 128 ACRE EQUESTRIAN RANCH W/ 1+ MILES OF BARTON CREEK FRONTAGE, CUSTOM HOME, PANORAMIC VIEWS, SCENIC CANYONS, ABUNDANT WILDLIFE ALL WITHIN MINS OF DOWNTOWN. Ranch gates are located in the Barton Creek & Crystal Mountain neighborhoods this is truly a unique one-of-a-kind opportunity for a very special buyer looking for acreage, privacy, location and development potential. For those special few looking for the extraordinary this is it!
$ 25,000,000
905 Crystal Mountain DR | Austin, TX 78733
Crystal Mountain At Barton Creek Sec 02
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
2121418 Ranch 4 5/1 6,580 SF
EXTREMELY RARE & BEAUTIFUL 128 ACRE EQUESTRIAN RANCH W/ 1+ MILES OF BARTON CREEK FRONTAGE, AG EXEMPT, CUSTOM HOME, PANORAMIC VIEWS, SCENIC CANYONS, ABUNDANT WILDLIFE ALL WITHIN MINS OF DOWNTOWN. Ranch gates are located in the Barton Creek & Crystal Mountain neighborhoods this is truly a unique one-of-a-kind opportunity for a very special buyer looking for acreage, privacy, location and development potential. For those special few looking for the extraordinary this is it!
$ 24,500,000
37307 Diamond Oaks Drive | Other, TX 77355
High Meadow Ranch
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
7131419 House 3 3 4,214 SF
Exquisite 185 +/- acre gated Emerald Lake Estate 40 miles NW of Houston. Private 25-acre Emerald Lake, a “world class” bass lake with 10 islands, 9-acre Japanese garden, 7-acre botanical garden w/ over 5,000 azaleas. Estate house, guesthouse, boathouse, & gazebos, 21 bridges in all shapes and sizes & miles of walking trails! Private lakeside helipad access & tropical sandy beach. Luxuries one would expect coupled w/ numerous opportunities to make this estate your own!
$ 24,500,000
37307 Diamond Oaks Drive | Other, TX 77355
High Meadow Ranch
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
3787552 Ranch 3 3 4,214 SF
Exquisite 185 +/- acre gated Emerald Lake Estate 40 miles NW of Houston. Private 25-acre Emerald Lake, a "world class" bass lake with 10 islands, 9-acre Japanese garden, 7-acre botanical garden w/ over 5,000 azaleas. Estate house, guesthouse, boathouse, & gazebos, 21 bridges in all shapes and sizes & miles of walking trails! Private lakeside helipad access & tropical sandy beach. Luxuries one would expect coupled w/ numerous opportunities to make this estate your own!
$ 15,913,335
0000 Cedar Creek Road | Other, TX 78828
MLS® # Property Type
7055898 Ranch
'Magnificent' and 'breathtaking' are only a couple of words that can describe this premier live water ranch.Tall pinion pines are scattered in the higher elevations, along with giant pecan, and stately oak trees towering over the Cedar Creek valley. From the native Indian sites, to the subterranean caves and sink holes, this ranch is amazing. The adventurer will be at home while searching the fossil rich land for arrowheads. Numerous old settlement structures lend to the history of the property.
$ 15,000,000
8900 Wimberly CV | Austin, TX 78735
Barton Creek Abc West Ph 01
MLS® # Property Type
1780510 Ranch
Private 82 acre ranch with 1+ mile of frontage on Barton Creek within 15 mins from downtown Austin. This ultra private ranch offers distant panoramic views, wide grass filled pastures, huge trees, a beautiful spring fed and scenic portion of Barton Creek bordering the property with towering canyons and rolling bottom pasture land. The creek has deep pools and swimming holes and offers opportunities for fishing and kayaking even during the droughts. The property may be developed.
$ 15,000,000
6152 CR 301 | Johnson City, TX 78636
MLS® # Property Type
4114108 Ranch
ONE OF A KIND, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING RANCH!!! Boasting a phenomenal 7000 ft of water front on the Pedernales River w/ an approx. 20 acre lake at the center piece. In a conservation easement and surrounded almost entirely by other conservation easements, this ranch provides superior privacy and incredible potential. With electricity, roads, and three water wells, much of the infrastructure is already in place. Come let your imagination run wild. Even more amazing? It's less than one hour from Downtown Austin.
$ 11,752,350
3607 Satterwhite RD | Buda, TX 78610
A0081 - William P Corben Surv
MLS® # Property Type
6439360 Land
391.745 Acres of Raw unimproved LAND in Buda Texas. 3607 Satterwhite, between the two real estate signs but extends even farther. Ask me for a survey! No Builder Restrictions, Water, Electricity. The entire property is fenced, has 6 ponds and an iron corral. Close to shopping, schools and hospitals but far enough out to not feel closed in by your neighbors. Only a 15 minutes drive to Downtown Austin! Bring your binoculars to see the land from Satterwhite Road. Includes mineral rights!
$ 11,752,350
3607 Satterwhite RD | Buda, TX 78610
A0081 - William P Corben Surv
MLS® # Property Type
8065763 Ranch
391.745 Acres of Raw unimproved LAND in Buda Texas. 3607 Satterwhite, between the two real estate signs but extends even farther. Ask me for a survey! No Builder Restrictions, Water, Electricity. The entire property is fenced, has 6 ponds and an iron corral. Close to shopping, schools and hospitals but far enough out to not feel closed in by your neighbors. Only a 15 minutes drive to Downtown Austin! Bring your binoculars to see the land from Satterwhite Road. Includes mineral rights!
$ 11,500,000
10981 FM 2000 | Gause, TX 77836
Cook, Stephen
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
1096625 Ranch 3 1/2 2,700 SF
1176 acres with 70 Private Lake, Beautiful rolling terrain, with elevation changes of 100-122', Paved, lighted 2622' runway with hanger, 3+ miles of paved driveway, two lake side homes, lakeside shop, boat ramp, dock with lifts and bar/party area. So MUCH MORE !
$ 10,728,050
8411 Old Lockhart RD | Buda, TX 78610
Mora J S
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
6111356 Ranch 4 3/1 5,753 SF
Located off Hwy 183 between Austin and Lockhart, this 304 +/- acres is fully fenced and cross fenced. There are 3 quality homes on the property of 2600 sf, 5753 sf, and 2270 sf. Each home is on 1 acre. The land is covered with improved grasses such as blue stem and coastal,good roll with no drops. Maha Water Company has lines on the property. The location is what sets the property apart from others: ABIA 16 mi, 600 Congress 20 mi, F1 Track 8mi, San Antonio 81 mi. Hwy21 is apprx 6 miles from property.
$ 10,000,000
4833 Campbell ST | Other, TX 65810
Adjacent to James River Commons with Sam's & Academy
MLS® # Property Type
3899156 Ranch
Next to Sam's and Academy. 100K+ combined traffic count, located in top growth and demand area: James River FWY at US 160. Stunning demographics: 3.7% pop. Growth, $101K avg. household (HH) income, 39% $100K+ HH income $300K median net worth, 6.3% unemployment. Excellent local retail demand, 3,000'+ frontage, outstanding schools, multiple curb cuts. Government support, zoned SFR, $155 taxes. Attracting medical, franchise, national retailer and mixed use prospects. Largest tract for sale in City!
$ 9,025,387
0 County Rd 224 | Lampasas, TX 76550
Fm Gardner
MLS® # Property Type Beds Baths Square Ft
7362848 Ranch 3 2 1,232 SF
This is a turnkey cattle ranch 1 hr from Austin. The property has been maintained and grazed by one family. The ranch is set up for cattle ranching with fencing and cross fencing for rotation. Native game is abundant. The property features Miller Creek which meanders through the middle of the property for 2.46 miles. There are 13 stock tanks and ponds scattered across the property. The terrain ranges from fertile soils in the lowlands along the creek to high plateaus overlooking the Lampasas River Valley.
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All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Neither listing broker(s) nor Stanberry and Associates shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints and shall be held totally harmless.

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If you have lived in Austin, TX for very long you’ve probably noticed that something big happens in early October each year.  Austin City Limits, or ACL, is an annual music festival that takes place in the heart of Austin at Zilker Park.  Now in it’s 13th year ACL brings in Approximately 75,000 people from around the world.  In addition to the musical performances there are food and drinks, an art market, a mini music fest for the kiddos (Austin Kiddy Limits) and other activities for attendees.  For many people ACL is an introduction to the city they will ultimately call home.  Access to an active live music scene is commonly cited by the 110 people who move to the city each day.


Crowds gathered to watch Walk The Moon on Saturday during ACL week 2.


Naturally this many people has a pretty profound impact on Central Texas.  In 2013, ACL boasted an estimated $102 million impact on the local economy. Surprisingly 37% of attendees are from Austin, 38% are from other cities in Texas, 21% are from other parts of the United States and 4% are international visitors primarily from Mexico.

The festival has also taken great effort to improving the venues it uses.  Since 2006, the Austin City Limits Music festival has contributed more than $7.4 million to the Austin Parks Foundation for beautification projects.  In addition to that, they have given $5 million toward renovating the City of Austin’s Auditorium Shores.

What were your favorite performances from ACL 2015? My pick this year goes to Florence & The Machine she was absolutely show stopping.  Let us know in the comments!

Want to know what we thought of last years acts?  Check out this article from 2014.

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